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filter out malicious traffic to prevent it from reaching the intended targeted asset. Attack traffic is blocked by a DDoS scrubbing service, a cloud-based DNS service, or a CDN-based web protection service. Cloud-based mitigation removes attack traffic before it reaches the target.

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Free Whois Protection

Whois protection, also known as domain privacy, to help protect the privacy of domain owners. When a domain is registered, the registrant's personal information, including name, address, phone number, and email address, is stored in a publicly accessible database called Whois. This information can be accessed by anyone who performs a Whois lookup, which can potentially expose the owner to unwanted solicitations, spam, or even identity theft.

Whois protection works by replacing the registrant's personal information with the contact information of a privacy service provider. This way, the domain owner's personal information remains private, and any communication sent to the domain owner is forwarded through the privacy service provider.

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