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While you are looking to purchase your first web hosting package, you will need to pick among the choice of operating system ie: Linux Vs Windows Hosting.

In this blog post, we will discuss following topics:

  • Why it is crucial to understand the difference between Linux and Windows Hosting?
  • What is the difference between Linux Vs Windows Hosting?
  • What kind of infrastructure should you choose?

Why it is Crucial to Understand the Difference Between Linux Vs Windows Hosting?

The choice among Linux and Windows servers will impact the following:

  • How you interact with the hosting package
  • The type of applications that you can utilize
  • The costing of your hosting package

Before deciding which OS is appropriate to host your Website, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you favor an easy set-up or more exceptional flexibility?
  • Are you willing to shell out few additional costs for added features?
  • Can you invest more effort into your website’s security?
  • Do you prefer using cPanel?
  • Do you like working with phpMyAdmin and MySQL databases?
  • Would you be using technologies like ASP, .NET, or MS SQL for your site’s operation?

Now, let’s see the difference between Linux Vs Windows Hosting

What is the Difference Between Linux Vs Windows Hosting?

Server-side Applications

Some particular server-side applications will need Windows Hosting. For instance, applications written in (.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL, PHP, MySQL, Visual Basic development, MS Access) will require Windows Hosting.

Web Programming Languages that are supported by both Linux and Windows support are PHP and MySQL (Though MySQL is widely used on the Linux).

Ease of Use

Managing and accessing your windows hosting server is too simple. Whereas on the other hand, you will need to learn how to use the command line while working with the Linux OS.

Working with Linux OS (learning to integrate several pieces of software through the command line) can be challenging for beginners. To overcome this challenge, you can choose from various GUIs (Graphical User Interface) such as cPanel to interact with the Operating System(OS).

Control Panels

Buyers of Linux Hosting Plans can access the server via cPanel and WHM. Windows users can access their server via a Control Panel called Plesk.

Additionally, you can read this blog post on “Some Best Open Source Control Panels For Servers


Linux being an open-source platform, Linux is free to use. Hence, the Linux Hosting UK plans provided by web hosting providers are more affordable than Windows Hosting UK plans.

Having discussed the difference between Linux Vs Windows Hosting, now let’s see who should buy a Linux or Windows Hosting plan.

Who Should Buy a Linux or Windows Hosting Plan?

A Linux hosting plan is ideal for :

People who need access to a massive collection of ready-to-use, free, open-source applications.

A Windows hosting plan is ideal for :

Individuals who need to build or create more advanced or modern websites with the help of languages such as Perl, ASP, PHP, etc will require a Windows server. As all these technologies are better compatible with a Windows server.

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